Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, on September 21st. we found out that we are having another little girl! It was a total surprise to me because I had once again thought we were having a boy. It's pretty funny that I am now 0-2 on guessing the sex of my own babies!!! lol Cody kept saying that he thought we were having a little girl and how blessed we would be to have another little Teagan running around....... and to our surprise we are very pleased to be having a little girl which we are naming Taylor Grace.

When we first started trying to concieve again we decided on Taylor's name right away. My mom mentioned that she loved the name Ella Grace, but we wanted to stick with T's for girls and C's for boys because of Cody and I's names. Orignally, when we were pregnant with Teagan we went back and forth between naming her Teagan or Taylor. Teagan just felt right with that pregnancy and Taylor fits right for this one! For Taylor's middle name we decided to go with the name Grace that my mother loves! I am very close to my mom and I want my girls to have the same close relationship with her so Teagan has her intials...... Teresa Cheryl and Teagan Claire.... TC and this baby will have a middle name picked out by her MiMi.

NOTE: I would have named either one of my daughters after my mom but she doesn't like her names! lol

Anyways, we are very excited for this little one to get here!!!! Our calendar is packed full of things for this fall and winter!!! First we have Halloween, hopefully a new suv (I can't handle this little car anymore!), my birthday, Thanksgiving, my brothers birthday, Christmas, another nephew being born, New Years, Papa's birthday, and then Taylor Grace will be arriving sometime around Valentines Day! I can hardley wait until everything starts happening!!!!

PS: As soon as I get Teagan and Taylor's room done I will be posting pictures!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I'm bored so I will just have to do a little update on the Byers family!

First of all I am no longer working for the trucking company! I was upset not to have a paycheck after getting laid off, but I quickly realized that I needed to be grateful for what I do have...... the reason being...... shortly after losing my job we found out that my mom had breast cancer! Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am very close to my mother and it was very hard news to take. However, my mom has been through so much in her life and I knew that there was no way she was going to let this beat her!

The good news is she is now doing much better! She had a double mastectomy and is cancer free! Being the trooper that she is she was handing out business cards to doctors just a day after having surgery. She astonishes me! Since putting that behind us we are doing very well! Mom is looking good, baby Byers is growing fast and Miss Teagan is growing like a weed!

As of now I am 17 weeks pregnant and waiting for the 21st of September to find out if we are having a boy or girl! And let the records show I think it is a boy! Cody and I are betting against each other! I definitely have money on it! lol Once the 21st comes we will be hustling to get the baby's room finished. Now, I do realize that we still have till February after we find out the gender but I will inevitably change my mind 90 times so I have to get on top of it!

Miss Teagan is looking forward to Halloween. All she understands right now is that there is lots of candy and pumpkins involved! Cody and I picked several different costumes we thought she would like, wrote them on pieces of paper and let her pick one! She choose the loin! Probably the hardest out of all the costumes to make, but she will look adorable and she already has the roaring noises down!

Cody and I have been busy trying to finish different things in and outside our house! We are working on landscaping our yard! It looked really boring with just grass so we have bee drawing and digging our way to an interesting yard! More than likely we won't be able to finish it till next summer but we are trying to buy some nice plants that are on sale now! I will have to post pictures of our progress!

Next on our list is to get a new dining room table and chairs! We have picked one out, but it just a matter of buying it! That should happen fairly soon! I also want to get a nice black china cabinet! My grandma will be giving me my great grandma's Waterford china and I definitely want to display it! After we get done buying the furniture we will be ripping up the carpet in the dining room and living room! I can't take it much longer and I can hardly wait to have nice wood floors!
We still have to finish decorating our bedroom, Teagan's bedroom and the living room, but it is slowly coming together! If only money grew on trees I would be set!

That is probably it for now!

Monday, August 17, 2009

California Vacation Cont.

Again with the sand castles
Once she saw Cody getting buried she had to.

She loved running in the sand!

Trying to build sand castles.

I couldn't resist!

I'm sorry but I officially have the cutest child!

Daddy and Teagan in their first ocean experience.

Our Papa and Teagan. He used to take me to the beach and now he's taken my daughter. It was a very special thing for me to see! He's a very special man!

My brother and I at Sea World! I miss him so much!

California Vacation!

She was so excited to go to the beach!
Teagan on the same merry-go-round that I used to play on as a kid!

Daddy and Teagan playing by the bay!

Miss Teagan and her Great Grandma!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Padres vs. Rockies

Here's all the pictures from Padres game down in Denver! What a fun time!

Our birthday weekend for Teagan!

Our trip to the zoo was Teagan's birthday celebration for us! She loves animals so much and I knew it would be perfect for her! We made the trek down to Denver with my mom and we had the best time!
Miss Tea looking at the big "kitties" (Tigers). She kept asking for them to come out and play!

Hanging out!

Looking at all the animals! She loved it!
There isn't a lot of pictures because my camera gave out on me! My mom has tons more that I will post eventually! lol
But....... our weekend didn't end at the zoo.... no no! We went to the house of Unsinkable Molly Brown! Which of course was closed but my mom and I can never resist anything historic so we walked around the building, peeking in every window just to get a look! I hope Teagan gets that same gene from me!
After driving around for a few hours because my mom has a bad sense of direction we finally found a nice and decent hotel room close to the Flat iron mall where we would be spending the next day! All the driving tends to make people quite hungry so we ran right over to Boulder and ate at the Cheesecake Factory! Delicious!!!!! I fell in love quite quickly with the little town and I have to go back soon!
The next day was spent boosting the Denver economy at Flatiron! And for all of you who have never been it's absolutely fabulous! There is Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Shephora, Nordy's, Jack & Jill. All the stores that I should never be let into....... but my husband graciously ran along with us so the three girls could go crazy shopping!!! I know I found a good one! And the best part is he never complained not even once!!!!
After my mom's suv was packed to the gills we thought it would be wise to head on home before I felt the need to buy anything else! All in all it was a wonderful weekend that our little family won't forget anytime soon! Not to mention my bank account! lol

Miss Tea's Gillette birthday

Here are some of the pictures from Teagan's birthday party. I threw it together at the last moment so that all our loved ones in Gillette could celebrate with her!
Teagan with her big new bike! She thought she was a big girl!
Opening gifts with Jaden's help!

Friends and family that joined to celebrate our big 2 year old!

Here's my beautiful little girl trying on her new sunglasses Nicole got for her!

This is the ugliest cake I have ever seen, but that's what I get for planning the party last second!